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Phurba is from the remote hamlet of Dangchu under Wangdue Dzongkhag. He started his education from the last hut of erstwhile Dangchu Community School and then to Nobding and to Bajo. After class X, he went to Punakha HSS and obtained his degree in Economics from Sherubtse College, an affiliate to Delhi University. Prior to joining civil service, he did his Post Graduate in Public Administration from RIM. He started his career with the Ministry of Education as an Asst. Planning Officer. Today Phurba is a Planning Officer at the Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat. He obtained Master in Economics from the Australian National University.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Tribute to His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan

People of Bhutan are the lucky to be born in this country under the reign of dharma kings. His Majesty the fourth king’s birth on 11th November 1955 to this land of pristine beauty was indeed an answer to our prayers and prophesies. Trying to write a usual short birth day message on this auspicious day to His Majesty is a challenge. There is just too much to write.
His Majesty means so much to us. Today it is hard to believe that our country has reached so far under his golden reign of over three decades of his selfless, perseverance and innovative action.
He is an extra ordinary monarch. His selfless and dedicated acts for the welfare of country and people were epitomized during the 2003 military operation where he risked his own royal life for us. He single handedly brought in all rounded development to our nation in keeping with the ideals of GNH which he is the architect. We enjoyed unprecedented peace and harmony coupled with economic growth and social development during his reign.  His reign also saw enormous increase in enrolment both in formal and non- formal education with concomitant increase in number of educational institutes. The reform of education taken up during his reign is now changing the landscape of education in Bhutan. Bhutan has came long way and there was a sea changes for good during his reign. We owe too much to His Majesty the 4th King.
On this auspicious day, I offer my sincere prayers for his good health.


  1. Nice tribute post on our K4! Please keep blogging.

  2. I also join you wishing our K4 Happy Birthday.