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Phurba is from the remote hamlet of Dangchu under Wangdue Dzongkhag. He started his education from the last hut of erstwhile Dangchu Community School and then to Nobding and to Bajo. After class X, he went to Punakha HSS and obtained his degree in Economics from Sherubtse College, an affiliate to Delhi University. Prior to joining civil service, he did his Post Graduate in Public Administration from RIM. He started his career with the Ministry of Education as an Asst. Planning Officer. Today Phurba is a Planning Officer at the Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat. He obtained Master in Economics from the Australian National University.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My first day in Delhi

Glimpse of traffic

Hailed from the tiny village in the corner of Bhutan, I along with two other friends came to India to pursue International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration offered in National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi. The very next day we went to class for registration where we found around 40 others to be our classmates for the next three months. All of us were from different parts of the globe especially developing countries including Africa, Latin America and Asia. The first day was not so occupied but we were reminded that once the class actually starts we will be pretty much occupied. I am familiar with Indian Education system though. We were also briefed on the situation of Delhi and not to move out of the campus for at least a week. Also oriented to campus and small shops in the campus where we get some basic needs. And if at all we need to go out of the campus, we were asked to go in groups with assistance from our staff.
We didn’t pay heed to the advice and decided to go out the very next day without informing our staff. Our friend from Vietnam and Chile joined us because we Bhutanese know Hindi which indeed is added advantage but funny part is that most of the people don’t understand the Hindi we speak. Even others wanted to go for shopping with us just because they think that we were expert in Hindi. Confidently we went out of our University gate and took an auto to the town. In the first place we had tough time remembering the name of the place and shopping centre. But we were able to reach in a shopping mall known as ‘Select City Walk’ located in the south Delhi. Remembering the name of the mall was not easy but remembering name of place itself was even more difficult. The exciting and entertaining mall is located in Saket. Some of our friends call us but we were not able to tell the mane of the place and and our location. That was funny. Whatsoever, we have done some shopping.
Then with our not so versed Hindi we boarded in a rickshaw this time to reach us in the metro station. Our next station was to drop a parcel to the Tibetan camp in Majnu Katila. In the metro station, as usual we asked other strangers regarding our destiny. Luckily we have taken travel cards from Bhutan to be used in metro from our friends who have been to India recently. We have given a card each to our two new friends. After a little hiccup in knowing how to use the cards we got into the metro which is already jammed packed. The name of the station where we were supposed to get out was our mantra. Then again we took a rickshaw to reach to Majnu Katila. We have no idea where the place is and got out of the rickshaw before reaching the exact place. After looking around and wandering for sometimes we asked some Tibetan monks. Then we were told that we have not reached the place and from there we decided to walk. After walking for a few minutes, finally we were able to reach the camp which is very crowded. Then the challenge was finding the particular house.  After asking many people we found the house and drop the parcel and instantly returned since the lady who was supposed to receive the parcel went to town.
By then we were too tired and hungry too. From the face, we could notice that our two friends were worried. Then in an auto we again came till the metro station and boarded again. After getting out of metro we told name of our university to all auto and rickshaw drivers. We were surprised that even a single heard doesn’t know the name of our university which is supposed to be renowned.  We have very vague sense of direction. With great effort we were able to cross the road to the other side. From there we decided to take a bus. To the bus driver, we said that we want to go to IIT gate. Accordingly, the bus left us there. We look around, but there was no sign of our university. We enquired around and luckily we were able to meet a lady who speaks English fluently. She clearly showed us the direction and we followed her advice obediently.
Finally we saw the name of our university and our two friends were clapping their hands out of amusement and they took sigh of relief.   While it was unimaginably difficult, we were able to reach back safely. It was really adventures and we said that it was a great discovery.
Later over the dinner, the same was the talk in dining hall. Our two friends said three of their Bhutanese friends were hero. We laugh out a lot reflecting back to our acts and repeating what we said. It was difficult but very beautiful when we actually reflect. Such moment will be remembered and cherished in the distant future but at the same time we don’t want such things to happen again in our life.