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Phurba is from the remote hamlet of Dangchu under Wangdue Dzongkhag. He started his education from the last hut of erstwhile Dangchu Community School and then to Nobding and to Bajo. After class X, he went to Punakha HSS and obtained his degree in Economics from Sherubtse College, an affiliate to Delhi University. Prior to joining civil service, he did his Post Graduate in Public Administration from RIM. He is now an Asst. Planning Officer in Ministry of Education.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Meeting old friends and galvanizing the world

Many regard their college life as the best part of their life. Indeed, it is. Though, most of us can only realize this when we are out the colleges. College life was entirely different phase. The college rules in our time were not as same as that many of us experienced in the schools. I guess that the collegians were considered matured enough to know what they are for. Therefore, up to certain extent, we can loosely say that there was freedom in the college.
We attended the classroom lectures which were not so rigid. Free periods were often, unlike in the schools. Home works and assignments, unless one was voracious learner, were never able to fully engage us. At times, we became so lazy that we kept our assignment till the last minute. Overnight, we complete our assignments, mostly by copying from our mates who were relatively sincere. Most of us never do research on the assigned works. Many got bogged down with studies only when the exams were approaching frighteningly. Under such circumstances, we tend to explore many things, not necessarily relevant to one’s life. For some, visiting the bars had become almost like a timetable and for other frequency of bar hopping increased with the passage of times and it had never spared even the innocent person. Another unforgettable moment was of course, some of us visiting libraries for studies. There were whole blend of friends which keeps the class up and running. The class was not silent even for a single minute. Boredom was out of question. Most of our friends celebrated their birthdays for the first time in the college inviting their friends to make it their days. While for some, they as well tried different games and sports and other co-curricular activities for the very first time. Different categories of get together were organized such as class gatherings, hostels, friends, home town, etc. to name a few.  Many anniversaries were celebrated and different excursions were carried out. Amidst of such activities, gone were those three years unnoticeably. We were sentimentally touched when our juniours bid farewell. Never the less, we must have grown much wiser and matured both in terms of age and intellects through those eventful journeys.

Soon after graduation, the most visible scene among our friends was photocopying of documents and get hold of every available news papers to see the job advertisement. After this short hick up, today we are now engaging ourselves in the world of work. Some of us work for government and some for corporations and yet another for private sector. A few enterprising friends are into business of their own. All of us are now so busy in our own work irrespective of agency in this dog eat dog era. We have to meet deadlines and achieve targets at the end of the day. The situation becomes worse when our bosses ask many ad-hoc works in between. This is enough to make us work round the clock. It is our tendency that we forget many things including our friends when we are fully occupied in our work. Sadly enough, the situation is further worsened by the sheer distance. Our friends are dispersed across the country working in different capacities. Under such circumstances, gatherings and fun that we used to have in college life can now be hardly accommodated in our agenda.  It is just too difficult.

No doubt about the difficulties in getting together but it is just too far from impossible. Realizing the value of our friendship some of us thought it will be not at all early to have a reunion gathering. As such, a few of us threw the ideas in the social net working sites. The response was as expected, overwhelming. Thanks to modern technologies and communications, the coordination was not so difficult. It was ever heartening to see some of our friends travelling all the way from Bumthang and Phuntsholing. These were the pure indications of how much we value each other. We welcomed each other with the tight hugs. At the gathering we were enlightened by sharing what we have been doing ever since we graduated. Worthy experiences were shared and interesting jokes were cracked. Wonderful ideas were also exchanged as always which enriched many and a good way forward for others. Of course, the meals and drinks were good but we forgot the taste as we were fully engrossed with our friends since it has been four years passed. Some of the best songs were sung and dances were danced. By the time we realized, some of us were already drunk. Now let me stop at this point. It is too long to end as volumes can be written. Such type of gatherings is too valuable to be forgotten at one moment. This will last forever in our heart. To revitalize, we have decided to have such gathering annually, at least. We departed with our hope full to have more friends in our future get together. The additional value was added by a night party organized by one of our friends which kept us fresh even at midnight. Let’s pray for our kenchosum to bless us as always. We cannot turn back the time but we can plan for same events.

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